Meerkat Aidan Meerkat Papa
Our Price: $54.95
Our Price: $54.95
From our Cuddly Collectibles stuffed meerkats, Aidan is the grandchild and youngest of the family. This uniquely designed plush animal is made from high quality materials. Aidan makes a wonderful Valentine's or birthday gift for grandparents or grandkids. Papa is our adorable plush grandpa meerkat. Like all of our plush meerkats, this uniquely designed stuffed animal is made from high quality materials. Papa makes a great gift for a grandparent or grandchild; remember him at Valentine's, birthdays, etc.
Aidan brings lots of energy to every adventure....and he thinks he's the best dressed as well! Papa's quite the inventor but watch out cause sometimes his inventions go a bit haywire!
Meerkat Grammie Gigi Fun Pack - Here We Go! Storybook & Music CD
Our Price: $54.95
Our Price: $24.95
Grammie Gigi is our adorable plush grandmother meerkat. This uniquely designed, high quality stuffed meerkat makes a great gift for grandparent or grandchild. Remember Grammie when you need a unique gift for that special birthday or other occasion. Our award-winning music CD and storybook in one package. Kids will be engrossed in the storybook's around-the-world adventure, then all will sing, dance and laugh to the jazz, bluegrass and reggae tunes on the music CD. Great gift for young and old alike.
Grammie's Gigi's the glue that holds our family together....and she's very cool to boot! Get both at the same time and save big!
Here We Go! Music CD Longbeard's Treasure Hunt
Our Price: $8.95
Our Price: $64.95
This Parents' Choice 'Approved' CD is music that’s truly inter-generational. Our 'Here We Go!' Music CD contains 10 songs from several genres appealing to all the generations in your family. You'll laugh, sing and dance along. Makes a great gift! A Parents' Choice 'Recommended' game, Longbeard's Treasure Hunt is easy to set up and fun to play for young and old alike. Scramble from clue to clue to help Longbeard the pirate find his treasure! Play inside or outside. This game is always a big hit!
"Here We Go!" Music CD contains 10 original songs from up-and-coming music artists. Help Longbeard find his treasure with lots of fun and laughter along the way!